When a Boy Hurts

when a boy hurts

When a boy hurts,

His laughter hides his tears.

His wit masks his pain.

His words get louder; more boisterous.

He sits in class and hides his insecurities, his work is incomplete.

He rough houses with his mates. He seeks connection.

He searches for purpose, he can’t find it.

He glimpses his future and the hurt abounds him.

It envelops him. He can’t see a way past on his own.

He needs help; he can’t ask for it.

Who will see through his bravado? Who will hear his cries?

It wasn’t me. I wish it were me.

In his mind, he has no value; no place.

He hides it. He is a man; not a wimp.

He has learned to suppress his emotions, no one wants to hear.

Will he ever know that the opposite is true?

His mind is temporarily at peace but his body fights the biggest fight of its life.

His teacher could have done better.

That teacher was me.

All I can do now is pray.

When a boy hurts.


2 thoughts on “When a Boy Hurts

  1. Steven

    There was probably no way for you to know; we can hide it really well. I almost ended it, multiple times, but somehow I’m still here. I hate to think anyone would blame ‘themselves’ for what I chose to do. I chose to believe nobody cared. I chose to believe it’s not acceptable for boys to talk about feelings or ‘their own’ needs. I chose to believe the only acceptable emotion for boys to express is anger.

    There’s all sorts of things I want to show and teach my son, but it’s just now hitting me that perhaps the most important is that talking about and expressing feelings and needs.

    1. peacefulparentsconfidentkids Post author

      Thank you for your honesty and openness, Steven. I agree that talking about and accepting feelings and needs when children are young certainly helps build a foundation for a healthy socio-emotional future. You sound like a wonderfully caring parent and your son is very lucky to have you.


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