PPCK Parent-Infant Classes

Kate Russell

“Learning to be a respectful parent was, without a doubt, the best thing we have done for our family. The tools offered to my husband and I gave us a relationship with our daughter we could never have imagined and we will forever be grateful.”

Building a strong, open and honest relationship with a child begins from birth. The first two years in an infant’s life provide the foundation from which his confidence will grow. PPCK parent-infant classes aim to empower parents with practical tools for respectfully parenting their infants from birth. Parents will be encouraged to see their children through a different lens, appreciating their capabilities and understanding the importance of connection during caregiving activities such as nappy changes, bathing, and feeding

The classes have been created for parents looking for something more than just a regular playgroup. In a beautiful, safe and serene environment, infants and toddlers will be free to play, explore, discover and develop with minimal intervention and direction from adults. With the support of a respectful parenting facilitator, parents will be encouraged to do less and enjoy more whilst learning to become a more mindful and connected parent.

Through these classes parents will learn:

  • The importance of caregiving activities for fostering independent play in children.
  • Effective methods for setting limits without shame or punishment.
  • Acceptance and understanding of a child’s emotions (even the hard ones).
  • To be better attuned to a child’s needs.
  • Methods to keep calm with children in even the most challenging of situations.
  • How to foster open and honest communication with children from the beginning.
  • Ways to increase a child’s confidence.

PPCK is now offering parent-infant classes in the Toowoomba area. These 1.5-hour classes are open to parents with their infants aged over 3mo.

More info: Email Kate Russell at kate@peacefulparentsconfidentkids.com or send a message via the Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids Facebook Page

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