Gifts: It’s the Thought That Counts

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It’s my birthday! Happy 37 years Earthside to me :). Birthdays are pretty special. I remember the excitement of being a child and knowing a birthday was drawing near.

My parents always made us feel wonderful and spoilt on our birthdays. I loved watching the number tick over, making me a year older. I loved being able to choose my birthday dinner (it was always Mum’s homemade macaroni cheese) and of course, there were the gifts.

My family was not well off when I was growing up and receiving something new was a real treat, so birthdays were a time to revel in the little packages all wrapped up, just for me.

As time has marched on there has been a swing in the way my mind sees birthdays. I’m not so crazy about the size of the numbers ticking over these days (that’s when I can even remember them!!) and cooking my own birthday dinners doesn’t quite have the same feel.

I still love being spoiled but the gifts that really touch my heart are those that can’t be bought.

It’s the thoughts that fill my soul with joy.

It’s my phone buzzing in my pocket as a friend reaches out and lets me know they are thinking of me.

It’s the FB message left on my timeline.

It’s my husband organising the day off work so he can take me out to lunch and then take the children to the pool so I can get some much needed rest.

It’s my children running in as soon as they wake up to give me the biggest cuddle in the world and then telling me to stay in bed whilst they make me breakfast.

And don’t children just love to give? I would even go so far as to say they give better than most of us. The give openly and willingly

They can’t give in the way we do as adults because they just don’t have the means.

So, when they gift a yellow dandelion or a special feather after holding it tightly in their sweaty palms half the day until they finally see us, It’s important to make sure to show them as much appreciation as we would to someone who has brought us an expensive bunch of flowers.

Giving is giving. It is always the thought and intent behind it that holds the value.

I was recently gifted this incredibly thoughtful Centime Mother’s Necklace which bares the name of my three beautiful children and their birth dates engraved on interlocking rings, symbolising their infinite connection to each other.

Those who know me, know how sentimental I am and how much I seek to acknowledge and symbolise important events and milestones in my parenting journey.

This has amplified since the traumatic birth of my Dear Daughter last year. So, having my children’s names worn so close to my heart gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment and I cherish this piece in my little jewellery collection.

So, as my birthday draws to an end for another year, my contentment lies not only in the wonderful gifts I have received but in the thought and intent behind each one along with the kind words and gestures I have been sent all day long from my beautiful family, friends and of course my PPCK community.

I truly feel like the luckiest woman alive!

And to say thank you, I’ve teamed up with Centime to offer PPCK readers 20% off anything from their Mom Jewelry Collection. Just use the code PPCK20. They offer free shipping worldwide so it is really affordable to give yourself or someone special in your life a thoughtful gift.


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