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Connection – It’s Child’s Play

On Day 3 of RIE Foundations we closely examined play. We looked at its importance and how to create an environment optimal for a child’s play, including examining the significance of the parent-child relationship in the ability for a child to play.

It was a day of many aha moments for me. Would you believe, I didn’t think I would really have any aha moments over here? I thought I knew the ins and outs of respectful parenting and was just looking to deepen my understanding. Turns out, I have a lot to learn.

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It’s Okay if We’re Not Perfect

Day Two of RIE foundations and I relearned something I have known for a long while but still have trouble finding peace with – It’s okay if we’re not perfect.

This was not actually the main focus of the day, we were delving more into gross motor development in infants but somewhere along the way Mummy guilt came up from all the women in the room who had discovered RIE late – well after their babies were born.

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The Importance of Respect

It’s Day One of RIE Foundations here in LA and we have, of course, dealt with a value that lies at the very core of RIE – respect.

We spoke a lot about the importance of respect today. We unpacked what both respect and disrespect can look like in their many forms and what, as adults, being treated in either of these ways can make us feel.

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Being a Confident Leader: Setting Limits With Empathy

Being a confident leader is something that many of us grapple with everyday. Finding that balance between being the solid, dependable rock our children need us to be and still recognising, understanding and accepting the beautiful independent little people our children are becoming is not easy, especially when it comes to setting limits and providing boundaries for them.

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This Phase, Too, Shall Pass

This phase, too, shall pass!

If there is one phrase that has helped me more than anything else on my rollercoaster parenting ride, it is this little one.

This Phase, too, shall pass!

I can’t remember where I first heard it. It might have been whilst trawling through endless respectful parenting forums searching for answers or maybe as I read through the plethora of wise words on Janet Lansbury’s blog. Either way, they have been nothing short of a God send. They are my sanity savers.

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So, You Lost it at Your Kids…What Now?

Do you ever lose it at your kids? Like, really lose it? I’m sure for most of us, there are definitely times when we are pushed to the brink by our children and before we know it we have given in to our emotions and lost it at the kids.

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10 Tips For Filling a Child’s Attention Bucket

Do you find your child clings to you all day? Does whining and testing behaviour seem to be the norm at the moment? It could be because your child’s attention bucket needs filling.

10 Tips for Filling Your Child's Attention Bucket
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Toilet Training Regression: Supporting a Child’s Toilet Learning Journey

Toilet training regression is extremely common in toddlers and young children. It can happen at varying times upon them first learning to use the toilet and can be stressful and frustrating for both the child and their parents.

In RIE parenting, toilet training is referred to as toilet learning. RIE teaches us that a child will learn to use the toilet when they are ready and do not need to be trained to do so. We have been on both sides of the coin with our children and are now happily watching our youngest child lead her toilet learning journey as we speak. There have been bumps along the way but this is our story so far.

Toilet Training Regression: Supporting a Child's Toilet learning Journey
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